Lakota Cowboy

The break out novel from award-winning author John Hafnor.

Other award-winning books written by John Hafnor

Strange But True, America

by John Hafnor

Strange But True, America is a 50-state tour de force of every oddball fact missing from standard travel and history books. Richly illustrated by veteran artist Dale Crawford, the book's 101 weird tales and matching drawings are crafted to surprise. Author John Hafnor employed a deeply curious research style to unearth the little-known tales, each building to a twist ending that assures reader interest. The book pulls few punches in redefining much of America s previously unquestioned folklore.

Strange But True, Colorado

by John Hafnor

Strange But True, Colorado is a richly illustrated series of 70 vignettes, each with a surprise ending. The book has been called the defining book in the category of Rocky Mountain historical books of the weird.

Black Hills Believables: Strange-but-true Tales of the Old West

 by John Hafnor

The original weird history book of the Black Hills, this tourist favorite contains over fifty zany but true tales of the Old West. The book is richly illustrated by artist Susan Turnbull.

Wahres Aus Dem Wilden Westen (German Edition) 

by John Hafnor

Unbelievable, but true stories about the Wild West, translated for the first time into German by Edith-Maria Redlin. Each story with a matching illustration by Susan Turnbull and Dale Crawford. Surprising facts about the chaotic gold rush times and the years of early settlement. Real-life stories about Native Americans, cowboys, pioneers, and gunmen. From the Dakotas of the Old West to Colorado, New Mexico, and the Western states.